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8 Reasons Why Balding Men Should Use Hair Building Fibers

Man Worrying About Hair Loss

Hair building fibers are an amazing hair loss solution for balding men who want thicker, fuller hair quickly and easily.

Hair loss is a widespread problem for millions of men around the world. Although male hair loss is common, it can still be very distressing, if not depressing.

Hair loss can destroy a man’s self-esteem to the point where he feels and behave less than he is. How can something so normal and expected still cause so much distress and anguish? How hasn’t a million years of human evolution selected against such suffering?

The fact that there has never been a cure for hair loss is quite amazing. Although a number of products that claim to regrow hair or stop / slow down hair loss, all tend to have varying results on different people, are very expensive, and/or have undesired side effects.

There is, however, one hair loss solution that is very affordable, virtually harmless, and delivers consistent results for all men: Hair Building Fibers.

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Hair fibers don’t regrow hair, nor do they prevent hair loss. As a non-medicinal topical treatment that is applied on the hair and not directly on a bare scalp, their sole purpose is to give you fuller, thicker hair that looks real to the naked eye. And, boy, do they work!

What Are Hair Building Fibers?

Hair fibers are made from keratin or other natural materials that have been cut into tiny particles and statically charged. They serve as a non-medicinal topical treatment that’s applied on the hair and not directly on a bare scalp.

When applied, hair building fibers quickly attach to the existing hair on your scalp to impart the appearance of dramatically thicker and fuller hair on a consistent basis, hiding thinning hair and even small bald spots.

How Do Hair Building Fibers Work?

Hair building fibers are cut into such minuscule sizes that that they easily cling to existing hair and rest on the scalp, explaining how they are able to stay in your hair all day until you wash them out. There is also some science behind hair fibers, notably the scientific principle of attraction.

Recall from your high school physics lessons on electric charges, particularly how opposites attract and likes repel. If two objects both have a positive or negative, they will repel each other. However, if one has negative charge and the other is positively-charged, they will attract.

Human hair is naturally positively charged, so it reasons that making hair fibers out of a negatively charge material (e.g. cotton) will strengthen their attraction and bond to your hair strands. Hair fiber products are statically-charged during the manufacturing process to enhance their inherent electrical properties.

Using Hair Fibers Before And After

Hair building fibers give you thicker, fuller hair instantly, harmlessly, and at a very affordable price.

8 Reasons To Use Hair Building Fibers

How can something so simple be so effective? More importantly, why don’t all men know about it?

Here are 8 reasons why all balding men should use hair building fibers as a hair loss solution and why I personally use FULLER by Too Manly on a daily basis.

1. Provide Thicker, Fuller Hair

This isn’t a marketing ploy — when used properly, hair building fibers are very effective at concealing hair loss and really do give you fuller, thicker and denser-looking hair.

Note: Hair fibers work best on thinning areas of the scalp that still have some hair and are far less effective on significant bald spots. That’s because they need something to cling to, and bare skin just doesn’t cut it.

2. Look Like Real Hair

Not only are hair building fibers effective at concealing hair loss, but they do so in a way that looks natural and convincing.

They blend easily with your existing hair and are virtually undetectable, so much so that it can seem as if you never lost your hair in the first place. This is why hair fibers are sometimes called hair camouflage.

3. Easy To Use

Hair fiber products are generally quick and easy to use, making them excellent for busy people always on the move.

Most come in dispensers, while some come as sprays. Regardless of packaging, all you need to do is sprinkle or spray the fibers on the thinning area of your scalp to achieve the appearance of thicker, fuller and denser hair.

4. Instant Results

Unlike most hair loss solutions that take months, if not years, to deliver results, hair building fibers give you results immediately. You literally get improved-looking hair in minutes, if not seconds.

Why wait when you can get fuller-looking hair right now?.

5. Very Versatile

Hair building fibers come in a wide variety of colors to match any hair color. Moreover, their strong bond to existing hair makes them resistant to rain, wind, heat and perspiration.

Not only does this simple hair loss solution last all day, but it’s also effective on different hairstyles for thin hair.

6. Very Harmless

One of the best parts of hair building fibers is that the health risks are incredibly low, making them safe to use on a regular basis.

That’s because good quality hair fiber products like TooManly FULLER are made from natural ingredients that are safe on the scalp and easily adhere to the texture of the hair strands. They don’t include harmful chemical ingredients that cause adverse side effects.

7. Less Stress

Hair building fibers don’t regrow hair, but they can help alleviate the stress, anguish and even depression that often comes with balding.

Because they are so effective at hiding hair loss, hair fibers can shift attention away from your ordeal, giving you more peace of mind and letting you bald more gracefully.

Or, at the very least, hair fibers can be your cover up while you wait for other hair loss treatments you might be on (hair transplant, finasteride, etc.) to show results.

8. Very Affordable

As icing on the cake, hair building fibers are very affordable. TooManly FULLER, for instance, can sometimes be had for less than $10, which is a steal when considering all the benefits discussed in this article.

Every balding can afford hair building fibers, which is something that can’t be said about other hair loss solutions like hair transplants and platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment.

Hair Building Fibers: Conclusion

As someone who has used hair building fibers for over three years, I attest to their effectiveness and consider them a miracle hair loss solution that can benefit any man in the early stages of baldness.

Quality hair fiber products like TooManly FULLER hide thinning hair and small bald spots like a dream, easily giving you a thicker and fuller head of natural-looking hair instantly.

They are also made from natural ingredients, safe to use with little to no side effects, and extremely versatile.

Because they are so effective at concealing hair loss, hair building fibers can help alleviate the stress, depression and anguish you night experience as a result of balding.

They are affordable and easily attainable even by those men on a shoestring budget.

Hair fiber products work, so much so that they should be part of every balding man’s hair loss treatment regimen. Why wait when you can do something about your thinning hairline right now?

Written By

Kwame Owusu is a personal development coach and the founder of Too Manly. He holds an MBA from a top business school and is committed to helping men all around the world look, feel and live the prime of their life.



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