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Sexual Transmutation: Channel Your Sexual Energy Into Success

Man Transmuting Sexual Energy Into Power
If I can beat laziness, so can you. Now is the time to stop being lazy by taking action.

A complete guide to unlocking the secrets and benefits of sexual transmutation.

You couldn’t even begin to imagine the extent to which something as seemingly esoteric and inconceivable as sexual transmutation benefits the human body, mind and soul.

Some of the world’s greatest men attribute their success to a conscious and deliberate decision to transform their sexual energy into creative power, and you should consider doing the same.

It’s time to see sex in a whole new light, and it’s absolutely time to do something more productive with your sex drive.

It’s time to tap into a powerful new source of energy that few people know they have.

This guide explores what it means to transmute sexual energy and how it’s done, as well as some of the potential benefits of sexual transmutation and whether science supports them..

The True Power Of Sex

Man Woman Happy Couple

Sex is a powerful motivational and creative force in life, controlling much of what we do, how we act, and the choices we make

Men of today have no idea of the true power of sex.

For most of us, sex is nothing more than a convenient novelty, a means to merely release stress or escape life’s challenges.

We readily use women or other men, porn and masturbation, to distract ourselves from that deep, unfulfilled longing inside our hearts for something greater and to be someone better.

A lot of men become so addicted to sex that they could be controlled, manipulated, or even taken advantage of just because they “need” it.

Some even carry around the heavy burden of sexual shame that has come to define modern society.

It’s time we stopped demonizing sex and realized that it is for much more than procreation and pleasure.

Sex is one of the greatest motivational and creative forces in life, so much so that our sexual impulses control much of what we do, how we act, the choices we make, and how successful we become.

Failing to properly harness and transmute this awesome power has resulted in a multitude of men living far below their potential.

What Is Sexual Transmutation?

Man Energy Sexual Transmutation


Napoleon Hill’s classic self-help book Think and Grow Rich is probably how many people first learn about sexual transmutation.

The word “transmute” means “the changing, or transferring of one element, or form of energy into another.” In that vein, sexual transmutation is the process of transforming sexual energy into some other drive, motivation, or higher energy.

According to Hill, it is the number one most powerful energy for accessing your infinite genius and creativity.

Sexual transmutation can be paralleled with Sex Magic (Sex Magick), a type of sexual activity practiced by many religious groups in ritualistic and spiritual pursuits.

Sigmund Freud called it sexual sublimation and described it as the process of deflecting sexual instincts into acts of higher social valuation.

Sexual transmutation is a core principle of many Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist teachings.

What Is Sexual Energy?

7 chakra and endocrine system

The seven chakras each correspond to specific organs, as well as your physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of being.

Sexual energy is the heart of sex transmutation. It can be best understood from the context of the seven chakras (illustrated in the above image) that are said to comprise the body’s main energy centers.

Think of these chakras as pathways that promote harmony between the body, mind, and spirit. Each one is associated with a specific gland in the endocrine system, so blockage of any sort can compromise your overall health.

As an essential part of your life force, sexual energy arises from the first or root chakra and the second or sacral chakra.

The root chakra is associated with your reproductive glands, and represents your foundation. It anchors the body and mind, giving you the feeling of being grounded.

The sacral chakra is tied to the adrenals and helps inform how we relate to our emotions and the emotions of others. It also governs sexuality, particularly the expression of our sensual and sexual desires.

A spiraling energy channel that climbs up the body connects each of the seven chakras, and the entire energy system is fueled by the bottom portion, where sexual energy resides.

Sexual Energy And Pleasure

The sacral chakra deals with pleasure. It is the driving force for the enjoyment of life, allowing us to“feel” the world around us through the senses, be it sound, taste, touch, or sight.

Aside from great apes such as humans, orangutans and chimpanzees and a few other exceptions, most animals do not have sex for pleasure.

When the sacral chakra is in balance, we are able to moderate our drive for sexual pleasure. Everything is fine and dandy.

However, when this sexual energy center is blocked or obstructed in any way, it can lead to a downward spiral of sex addictions, porn addictions, perversions, aggressive behavior, and all sorts of undesired problems.

Sexual Transmutation: Turning Pleasure Into Willpower

Man with light bulb head

Controlling your sexual energy through sexual transmutation will give you more willpower to realize your goals.

Sexual energy is dissipated in one of two ways: externally through the sex organ or internally up into higher energy centers. That’s to say we express it through sex and desire.

The whole idea behind sexual transformation is to change your sexual energy and thoughts from physical expression into the thoughts and energy of another, usually creative purpose. Your aim is to channel it to a higher energy center.

The energy center above the sacral is the solar plexus chakra, which governs willpower and and speaks to our ability to be in control of our life.

A lack of willpower is a big reason why many men waste their sexual energy on excessive sex, masturbation, stimulation, and even negative emotions like worry.

Is it any wonder that sexual transmutation is increasingly becoming a topic of self-help literature? Even NoFap is in many ways a response to the unnecessary squandering of sexual energy.

Just think about how much more you can accomplish if you channeled your drive for sex into something more productive like your professional work.

Controlling your sexual energy in such a way will give you more willpower to realize your goals.

7 Reasons To Practice Sexual Transmutation

Fit Man Boxing Gym

Through sexual transmutation and having sex in moderation, you can improve every aspect of your life.

Practitioners have attested to many sexual transmutation benefits over the ages. Science has yet to validate most of the claims, but that doesn’t make them false.

Here are some reasons why people practice sexual transmutation, and why it can possibly transform you into a better, more productive and more successful man.

1. Improve Your Physical Health

One of the greatest advantages of sexual transmutation is that it can radically improve your physical and mental health, providing you with a boost in vigor and youthful vitality needed to get things done.

Sexual transmutation is even said to make you live longer. You might notice clearer skin and eyes, healed scars, and other improvements in your appearance.

2. Achieve Material Success

It can be difficult enough for most people to muster up the energy to keep up with the hustle and bustle of life — just imagine how much more you will be able to accomplish with the extra source of energy provided by sexual transmutation.

Hitting goals and reaching higher in life are the most common applications of sex transmutation.

3. Cultivate More Physical Energy

Semen is chock full of proteins, nutrients, minerals and enzymes that are essential for your overall health, including your immunity and appearance.

After around two weeks of sperm retention, the body reabsorbs the semen, recycling and reusing all its vital nutrients to perform optimally.

4. Obtain More Creativity

Sexual energy is the highest form of transmuted creative energy! That essentially makes sexual energy the same as creative energy.

The good news is that we all have the ability to transfer this creative sexual energy into other areas of our life for the purpose of achieving good health, abundant wealth, lasting love and happiness, and any other positive benefits we desire.

The sexual energy we don’t expend during sex can be channeled into the creative process.

5. Improve Your Sex Life

As a discipline, sexual transmutation does not prohibit sex. It just requires that you have sex in moderation, if at all.

And should the time come for you to have sex, you will feel more connected to yourself and to your partner, and your orgasms will feel much more intense.

That’s what sexual abstinence can do to a man.

Through sexual transmutation and having sex in moderation, you can improve your sex life.

6. Become More Dominant And Assertive

Practicing sex transmutation can make you a more assertive and dominant man willing to go after the things you wants. That’s because our sex drive is the main (creative) motivator for getting things done in life.

Harnessing and transmuting your sexual energy will push you to do things you probably didn’t think were possible, such as being proactive instead of reactive, and taking less nonsense from people.

7. Have More Time

If you are like the average guy, chances are you masturbate to porn too much. And searching for exciting videos while doing the deed can take up multiple hours per week, not to mention the extra sleep you require as a result of the energy-depletive exercise.

That’s valuable time you could spend on on more productive things, such as working out your body and mind, writing a book, or building a business.

With sex transmutation, you not only conserve valuable energy, but you also save time.

Using Sexual Energy Transmutation To Achieve Your Goals And Desires

Man Transmuting Sexual Energy

Sexual transmutation is the great secret of every great inventor, artist, and highly successful person.

Sexual transmutation seems like a challenging discipline to learn, but it is a lot simpler than you probably thought. Mastering it, though, takes time, consistency and patience.

The following three steps lay out the straightforward process of using sexual energy transmutation to achieve a particular goal.

Step 1: Know What You Want

A lot of people live their lives having no clue of what they want, which is unfortunate. If you don’t know what you want, you will settle for just about anything or anyone.

Having clarity about what you desire also keeps you moving toward it and stops you from making decisions you might later regret.

To use sexual transmutation effectively, start by clarifying what you really want, and make it a worthwhile goal to achieve.

  • Write down the goal.
  • Visualize the goal and what accomplishing it looks like.
  • As much as possible, live as if you have already achieved the goal.
  • Associate positive emotions to the outcome.

Depending on the kind of person you are and what works best for you, you may or may not want to keep the goal to yourself.

Some people accomplish more when they keep their goals to themselves, while others get a boost of energy when they declare it to the world. Which one are you?

Words, thoughts and feelings are the most effective ways of manifesting any desire, so make sure to read our Definitive Guide to Creating a Powerful Personal Declaration to get more insight into the subject.

Step 2: Shift Your Focus And Energy To Your Goal

Ever heard of the saying “Where your attention goes, energy flows and results show”? That’s the central theme of sexual transmutation.

You are the product of your thoughts, so the more fragmented your mind is, the more fragmented your energy. This makes it harder to achieve a specific goal.

Sexual transmutation requires that you channel your sexual energy into seeing and feeling your desired outcome. So instead of letting it flow out of you through frivolous sex or counterproductive emotions, concentrate it on your goal.

That’s what it means to have a “burning desire.” You want the desire for what you want to be so strong that it overrides the compulsion for instant pleasure and gratification.

Remember, the more energy and focus you put on something, the more likely you are to attract it into your life.

Step 3: Stay Focused, And Be Patient

Goals don’t happen overnight. They require time, effort, patience, and for you to be fully engaged.

You will likely find that as you pursue your goal with renewed, sexual energy-fueled vigor, new ideas will begin to manifest in one way or another.

As Napoleon Hill puts it, the universe begins to conspire in your favor. People that can help you will come out of the woodwork, and momentum starts to build.

The longer you stick with the process, the more likely you are to achieve the object of your desire.

What Prevents Sexual Transmutation?

Chain Barrier

When sexual energy is not being transmuted into creative energy, it usually means something is blocking or misdirecting it.

Keeping positive energy flowing in a negative world is a challenging but necessary endeavor. Sexual energy is positive energy, and both are as neutral as the air we breathe.

In other words, it’s only natural for sexual energy to be transmuted into creative energy and willpower. When this does not happen, it usually means something is either blocking or misdirecting it.

According to Buddhist and Taoist teachings, this misdirection represents a leakage of you life force. And practices like meditation were specifically created to stop this leakage.

The source of this leakage are multifaceted, ranging from negative emotions like anger, fear, jealousy and guilt to vices like vanity and addiction.

Possessiveness, holding grudges, judging others, excessive worrying, and letting success dictate your life also undermine your ability to transform sexual energy into creative energy.

Not being able to handle difficult situations puts you at risk of developing a negative outlook on life, resulting in undue stress that makes it harder to cultivate positivity.

Sexual Transmutation And Seminal Retention

Semen racing to egg
Semen retention helps build and retain sexual energy, making it an integral part of sexual transmutation in many ancient teachings.

The art of semen retention is an integral part of sexual transmutation.

Seminal retention is the practice of avoiding ejaculation, be it through sex, masturbation or any other means. It is believed to bolster life force, helping men achieve greater strength, health, and longevity.

When retained, the body absorbs the nutrients within the semen and life essence of the sperm itself to support your higher energy centers, nervous system, and brain.

Some commonly cited semen retention benefits include more energy, a deeper voice, higher testosterone with a corresponding increase in muscle mass, more confidence around women, and better overall happiness.

Many men experience “the little death” after ejaculating. That this, a sexual orgasm makes them feel low-energy, sleepy, and perhaps even slightly depressed.

Could it be that, except for procreation, men weren’t designed to release their seed frequently, and that the seemingly harmless act of ejaculation literally sucks the life out of them?

It’s not a far-fetched idea, and one worth pondering.

How Often Should a Man Ejaculate For Optimal Health?

Man Sleeping, Relaxing

As a general rule, the younger you are, the more life force you have, and the more you can ejaculate without adverse effects to your health and aspirations.

There are different theories on the frequency of ejaculation considered safe for men interested in preserving their life force. After all, each man is different in his allotment of energy and life force.

Some Taoist teachings recommend that you only ejaculate 20 to 30 percent of the time during sex (or 2 or 3 times out of every 10 sessions), while others advise no more than one ejaculation every 20 days for men over 50 and every 100 days for men over 60.

As a general rule, the younger you are, the more life force you have, and the more ejaculations you can get away with.

The following guideline, as referenced from the most respected Tao theorist, Sun Simiao, provides an idea of how much men should ejaculate for a given age range, though the suggested frequencies are probably too generous for sexual transmutation.

  • Teenagers: Sex once a day
  • In your 20s: Once every three days
  • In your 30s: Once a week
  • In your 40s: Once every two weeks
  • In your 50s: Once every 20 days
  • In your 60s: Once every 100 days

When ejaculation frequency exceeds your body’s ability to fully replenish semen, you may experience chronic fatigue, decreased sexual drive, loss of focus, confusion, and irritability.

Interestingly, studies have shown that men experience a significant loss of zinc with each ejaculation, so consider eating food high in zinc after ejaculation.

Ultimately, though, you need to determine for yourself which level of frequency leaves you feeling vitalized instead of tired, empty and depressed.

Sexual Transmutation And Pornography

Stop Watching Porn - NoFap

Porn is creating a generation of mediocre men by blocking sexual transmutation.

Pornography is the bane of modern manhood, turning increasing numbers of men in their sexual prime into flops. Needless to say, it greatly undermines sexual transmutation.

As we discussed at length in our article 30 Plausible NoFap Benefits That Will Make You Stop Watching Porn, porn affects the body and mind in the same way that illicit drugs like cocaine do. It can seriously mess you up!

While there isn’t much scientific research on the benefits of sexual transmutation, numerous studies have brought to light the scary effects of porn. Here are some key findings:

  • Pornography rewires the brain, making it less connected and less active.
  • Porn usage easily becomes compulsive and addictive.
  • Heavy consumption of porn, together with frequent masturbation, impedes a man’s ability to pursue sexual relations, enjoy sex, and maintain an erection (aka erectile dysfunction).
  • Pornography has a huge negative impact on relationships. It distorts our perceptions of sex and intimacy, and can isolate us from people.

Porn can’t give you the love and acceptance that healthy relationships offer. From the context of sexual transmutation, it is perhaps the greatest destroyer of sexual energy in men.

If you have a porn problem, see a counselor or therapist and consider practicing NoFap.

Famous Practitioners Of Sexual Transmutation

Steve Jobs Sexual Transmutation Semen Retention

Steve Jobs practiced semen retention so that he can transmute his sexual energy to build “power and wealth.”

Sex transmutation is the great secret of every great inventor, artist, and highly successful person. Luminaries like Nikola Tesla and Isaac Newton intentionally practiced a life of celibacy and reportedly died virgins.

Steve Jobs was definitely not a virgin, but his former girlfriend Chrisann Brennan revealed that he didn’t ejaculate during sex in order to build ‘power and wealth by conserving” his vital energies.

Here is a list of highly successful men who credited their success to semen retention or sexual abstinence:

Scientists / Businessmen

Sigmund Freud: Austrian physiologist, medical doctor, and father of psychoanalysis. Believed sexual activity was incompatible with the accomplishing of any great work, and so became absolutely celibate “in order to sublimate the libido for creative purposes” like psychotherapy.

Steve Jobs: American business magnate, entrepreneur, industrial designer, and investor widely accepted as a pioneer of the personal computer revolution. Used the pull-out method during sex in order to conserve his energy for work.

Sir Issac Newton: English mathematician, physicist, and astronomer widely recognized as one of the most influential scientists of all time, and a key figure in the scientific revolution. As a lifelong celibate, he is thought to have died a virgin.

Nikola Tesla: Serbian-American inventor best known for designing the alternating-current (AC) electric system, which is the predominant electrical system used today. He believed “celibacy spurred on the brain.”


Socrates: Ancient Greek philosopher credited as a founder of Western philosophy, as well as the first moral philosopher of the Western ethical tradition of thought. He found that although pleasurable, sex makes you a slave.

Plato: A student of Socrates, he is widely considered the pivotal figure in the history of Ancient Greek and Western philosophy. He suggested that by consciously choosing to control sexual desires, an individual liberates the mind to pursue intellectual endeavors.

The Dalai Lama: The foremost spiritual leader of the”Yellow Hat” school of Tibetan Buddhism. Says sexual pleasure and sexual desire are “short-period satisfaction” that leads to more complication.

Pythagoras: Ancient Greek philosopher credited with many mathematical and scientific discoveries. Believed that sex was harmful to male health because “the loss of semen was dangerous, hard to control and both physically and spiritually exhausting.”

Swami Vivekananda: Renowned Hindu monk and a key figure in the introduction of the Indian philosophies of Vedanta and Yoga to the Western world. As a brahmacharya, he renounced sex and marriage.


Mike Tyson: Professional boxer who reigned as the undisputed world heavyweight champion. Restrained himself from sex for around five years in order to become the youngest heavyweight champion in the world, a record he still holds to this day.

Muhammad Ali: Nicknamed “The Greatest” and widely regarded as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, boxers of all time. He is thought to have practiced abstinence when it came time to fight.

Saigo Takamori: One of the most influential samurai in Japanese history. In his youth, he saw sex not as pleasurable dissipation or intimacy but as an impediment to happiness and loyalty.

Manny Pacquiao: Filipino boxer and politician regarded by many boxing historians as one of the greatest professional boxers of all time. Believes in the old adage that sex saps strength and follows a strict no-[wife] policy during training.

George Hackenschmidt: Early 20th-century strongman and wrestler recognized as professional wrestling’s first world heavyweight champion. Recommended that any young man who strictly observed sexual abstemiousness would benefit from the immense prerogatives of chastity.

David Haye: British professional boxer who held multiple world championships in two weight classes. Didn’t ejaculate for six weeks before a fight, believing that it cheaply released too much tension, minerals and nutrients that his body needed to operate optimally.

Musicians, Artists, Writers, Actors

Michelangelo: Italian sculptor, painter, architect and engineer; widely regarded as one of the greatest artists of the Renaissance and described as having “monk-like chastity.”

Miles Davis: American jazz legend, one of the most influential figures in the history of jazz and 20th century music. Once said “You give up all your energy when you come [ejaculate]… So, if you’re going to fuck before a gig, how are you going to give something when it’s time to hit?”

Kayne West: American rapper and one of the most critically acclaimed artists of the 21st century. Attributes much of his success to his ability to focus his strong sex drive and energy on music.

50 Cent: American rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, television producer, entrepreneur, investor, and one of the most influential hip-hop artists.

Mark Wahlberg: American entertainment personality best known for this acting career. He never masturbates.

Sexual Transmutation Benefits — Final Thoughts

Turn your energy into creative power

The main lesson of sexual transmutation is to build your sexual energy and use it with intent to achieve your goals.

You probably arrived at Too Manly because you heard about the benefits of sexual transmutation and wanted to know more. Did we deliver?

So what’s the takeaway from all this? In short, think of sexual transmutation as steroids for productivity. And all you have to do is use your pent up energy and focus them on your goals.

We are all sexual beings, so there is no point in denying sex, running away from sex, or even overcoming the desire for sex. It doesn’t mean rapidly indulging in sex either.

Sexual transmutation is all about accepting your sexual drive as part of who you are and seeing it as the foundation for something greater. It is about recognizing the true power of sex.

Sexual transmutation is a discipline that helps you take control of your sexutality, allowing you to consciously dictate how your sexual energy is used.

Self-mastery is just one way sexual transmutation benefits individuals. It can transform your life in ways you never imagined.

Both Napoleon Hill and the ancient traditions don’t explicitly say to not ejaculate, but they stress the importance of building your sexual energy and using it with intent to achieve your goals.

SUCCESS FIRST, sex second! Always remember that.

Written By

Kwame Owusu is a personal development coach and the founder of Too Manly. He holds an MBA from a top business school and is committed to helping men all around the world look, feel and live the prime of their life.



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